Reluctant Meat Eater

One of the worst things humans do is eat meat. The acres of farm land required to sustain cattle until slaughter is far greater then the amount of land needed to produce an equal amount of protein/calories in vegetables. Therefore, if we were all vegetarians, the supply of food would explode upwards, and food would be more available. 

Not to mention the run off from agriculture, the heavy use of scarce water, and the methane released in to the atmosphere. 

Also, I don't get the logic that humans are so much more worthy then animals. The fact that we are much smarter shouldn't matter, and I don't think that's the reason we treat each other nicely while slaughtering animals. I think that our ability to communicate with each other, combined with our ability to think abstractly, lets us empathize with each other very easily, which is why we don't like to hurt each other. In other words, we treat each other kindly because we understand and to an extent feel each others emotions. But animals have the same capacity for emotion: they can love and be happy, and experience pain and fear when they're being killed for our sake.

I can't remember who said this, but "think not 'can they reason', but 'can they feel'", sums it up nicely.

But...I'm a hungry person, and I can't express how much I hate vegetarian food, so I continue to eat meat. Basically, the severely negative consequences of my meat addiction are to abstract and distant to matter more to me then delicious bacon. 
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I totally agree with you. My pathetic story IS (sigh) I was a vegetarian for six years then I stopped I'm so glad a bunch of my acquaintances stopped eating meat over a decade ago!! In my little world of Veg>On>On there is a way i can become Vegetarian (not vegan) again.
many thanks to the veg-eating community i'm a part of. My theory was you are missing iron-protein 'thingeys' when you vegetarian. But a lot of (mainly vegan) charts show you can get protein,calcium and so on.. My key ingredient to making veggie work, at least my guess (if i don't become.) is a large diff. I have with yourself not liking veggie-veggie foods too much; I love tofu & every food I'm not too "lazy" to cook. I love Veggie Foods! it's not just tofu that keeps one in health zones it's stuf like tvp(texturized vegetable protein) so to shorten this ~ I was having this Micheleani-whatever fried chicken Large portion entree and I really want to convey that if this poorly, slank of killed then re-killed chicken , from a second or third off the pit of TV Food(its not the worst)doesn't make me veggie-head it is Truly-SHOT!(the dinner) then what other very well known factor would stop the eating of meat. Hopefully within a year I can give it another shot!

As a natural born vegetarian (who also dislikes most marketed veggie food) I must say I really admire your attitude and wish more people were as enlightened as you.
Most of the other vegetarians I know are either the junkfood vegetarian variety or take it to the other extreme and are health food junkies. I am somewhere in between, and I take loads of supplements, even though according to bloodwork I am not deficient in anything, even without them. I hope you're able to find more foods without meat in them that you like. You rock.

Uh, no. Our vegetarian relatives are still hanging out in trees, and occasionally in zoos. If human ancestors hadn't started eating meat we would still be there too.

That's irrelevant. We are capable of getting more then enough protein without eating meat.