Proud to Be Green

I have been trying to be more green for about 3 years now.  After seeing all the devastation happening in the various parts of the world through "natural disasters" it really started me thinking that something has to be done.  The planet now has twice as many people as it did 30 or 40 years ago and I have to believe it's just not going to sustain us humans at this rate.   I am a single mother of two small children and I have to say going green was probably one of the easiest things I have ever done.  We recycle just about everything, ride bikes all summer long (we only drive if it's over 10 miles), we started gardening and composting.  We are expecting our worms for our worm composter any day now!   If everyone in America made little choices to recycle, drive less, compost, or just not buy that one little trinket that came from the other side of the world- it could make a huge impact on the entire planet.

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27 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Mother nature and I thank you

I too try to green myself... although sometimes we all tend to go for the convenience over actually being totally green. For example, how many parents that are green and have small children and or babies, actually use cloth diapers and waterproof pants over the convenient disposable diapers on the market today. I am sure that there are a few... but lugging around cloth diapers for a change isn't the easiest concept to handle. I myself, trying to be green, but chosen the disposable route over cloth. Yes, I am an adult male that suffers from incontinence and basically have been all my life. Being born in the 60's, I had no choice in the type of protection I had to wear day in and day out... and being ashamed because I needed to wear rather thick cloth diapers and waterproof pants... and yes, even when I was in high school. After the advent of adult disposables... this made my life easier... but of course now with the "being green" has had it's limitations. I just wanted to put my two cents in... as I recycle everything, I use reusable bags at the grocery stores and very seldom use plastic bags... but they only plastic I do use on a daily basis.. is that of my underwear.

Well, as an old guy, we didn't have the 'green' thing. We did save our pop bottles and milk bottles along with many others. That went back to be washed and refilled, but we didn't have the green thing. We saved all of our tin cans, razor blades and anything else that was metal to be collected by the scrap man so it could all be sent back - melted down and became new products, but we didn't have the green thing. We didn't even know what the word 'recycled' meant. W just did it and with almost everything you could think of, but we didn't have the green thing. Throw away plastic things? we didn't have anything of the sort, we had things that could be reused, but we didn't have the green thing !!

You are certainly doing your bit and providing a positive example for your kids at the same time plus getting fit via all the riding. No doubt about it a win - win for everyone and the planet.