Supermarkets Should Be Made to Be More Green

This is one of my biggest gripes. The fact that supermarkets push all of the responsibility of being more green onto the consumer. I recently went shopping in Tesco and did a full shop with two small toddlers in tow. By the time I had finished getting everything and had struggled to get the trolley to move towards a till, the two small people sitting in the trolley had started to cry and were trying to climb out!

I was not impressed to find that the shopping bags had been reduced in size by about half, apparently so that people are encouraged to bring their own bags, thus reduce the amount of plastic that is used. "Every little helps" I don't think! It took me twice the time to pack my shopping that it normally would and the toddlers were having a field day in the trolley. People have been reusing shop carrier bags for years so in my view this is just passing the buck. If Tesco really want to help, they could cut down on all of the unnecessary packaging to start with (cucumbers do not need to be wrapped in plastic)  They could also provide a free delivery service to cut down on pollution and for those who are shopping themselves, provide a free reusable bag instead of charging a stupid price for them. Just a few things that would help the environment and also help the consumer for a change, a little thank you for enabling them to make the billion pounds in profit that they have!

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4 Responses May 2, 2009

That's a great idea, sure we all have a responsibility to be more green but the way the supermarkets seem to forget about excess packaging and focus on us remembering to bring in reuseable bags just bugs the hell out of me.

I put the bags in the car as soon as I finish taking the groceries out. That way I always have them handy.

I also think that the government should take more responsibility, they should tax the supermarkets on the basis of how green they are. For example, how much excess packaging is on their products? What else are they doing to help the environment? If supermarkets were hit in their profit margin, you would soon find that they really can do more and not just pass the buck onto the consumer!<br />
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Interestingly, after the nappy bag sized carrier bag incident, I stopped shopping at Tesco and went to a different store instead. <br />
Unfortunately I did have to go back to buy a product that is not available elsewhere, but I did find out that the stupidly sized carrier bags have now disappeared and the standard sized ones have returned. Presumably they were loosing custom and I was not the only customer who was infuriated by the smaller bags and who decided to shop elsewhere! It backs up my theory that they would be greener if they were aware they would loose money in taxes other wise!

I believe this 110%! It is so difficult to interpret the store's labels, and tough remembering reusable bags (I've gotten better at it, but there are still gripes about it around). Couldn't we do what warehouse stores do and ask for the cardboard boxes that shipments come in for packing our groceries? It helps cut so much waste. The stores need to be more open to the idea of getting greener!