One Family, Small Scale, But Worthwhile.

My steps may be small, but I feel they count. The older I get the more I am learning about the impact my life has upon the world, and how my generation has been slowly stuffing up the planet my son will inherit.

Anything organic I compost. Its frightening how much there is in the way of food scraps and papers and garden waste used to go into producing methane laden land fill.

I grow all my own vegetables in a totally organic manner. That means no chemical fertilizers and the use of biological controls, rather than chemicals in pest and disease control.

We as a family restrict our meat intake to 1 night a week, and we never buy anything in the way of products that comes with excessive packaging. Mostly we buy products in bulk.

All the big chains, we boycott, due to their environmental practices, packaging and transport issues. What we can`t produce ourselves, we buy locally.

Maybe we don`t make much of an impact, but it is important to my wife and I to set a good future example for our son, and to live a lifestyle that is healthy, not just for us, but our community and environment.

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That sounds so sweet. I`m sure you are making a difference.