The Little Things Really Do Add Up...

I think one of the best things that came out of the Live Earth concerts were the little tidbits in between sets about what we can all do to conserve energy and minimize waste.  I didn't realize how much heat even my lightbulbs were wasting, or that leaving my charger for my cell phone plugged in was wasting so much energy.  So, I replaced the lightbulbs with the florescent, twisty variety, and unplug appliances and electronics that I only use once in awhile.

I've also started shredding my junk mail to create filler for packages I send, or to use to make handmade paper.  That's actually a really fun way to recycle, making paper.  I quit getting a newspaper delivered, since I can read it all online anyway.  We don't have a curbside recycling service where I am, so I gather up my soda cans and run them to the Humane Society, since they take the cans and get money in return for the shelter.

It's not much, but when more people do those things, it adds up big.
Della Della
36-40, F
3 Responses Oct 10, 2007

Every little bit helps. If everyone did "not much" how much better off would we be?

I love those "twisty" light bulbs, they've saved me a ton of money. I've also put in energy efficient windows and re-insulated my house and it pays for it self pretty fast.<br />
When you live in the desert anything that conserves energy saves you tons of money.

I am happy to hear that the Live Earth concert found smart ways to show how we as citizens can apply "green" practices to our every day lives. I think more and more forms of media will increasingly pay attention to this issue and learn how to effectively convey these ideas to the public.