Being Aware of the Environment

I started drinking tap water and brewing my own coffee. I take both to work in a cup from home and reuse it. I use Tupperware or the like to take lunch to work instead of always using plastic bags. I've started buying bigger shampoo and conditioner bottles too. It's not much, but it's a start. I'll keep working on it.



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Even small changes can make a big impact.<br />
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Since you all care about the environment, maybe you'll help me out and pass this website onto your friends.<br />
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<br />
I'm trying my best to get the word out there. We need your help!<br />
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Thanks everybody, and don't forget the power you have to help your planet and your communities!

They're great suggestions. I wish i had known the hot veg. water one for my Mother. She recently passed away ,but she was a great gardner.I'll let my sister know. Everything dies for me.

In the summer I use a rain barrel and also a tub in my sink for the run off. I am going to use the shower idea as well, it never occurred to me...DUH! Hot water from corn, potatos or canning I pour on the weeds, it kills them. Especially good for weeds in driveway or sidewalk cracks that are hard to dig out.

This year we are using LED lights, with a solar timer. I also made all the garland from things I cut out of the woods. Willow sticks, milk pods, pheasant feathers, pine and such. Our wrapping paper is made from brown paper bags with potato stamps and our Christmas cards we made by making our own paper. In purchasing books or DVDs we are buying only used.

I know someone (my sister actually) that actually uses brown paper bags and stamps them with Christmas trees,Stars,Snowmen,etc. She's been doing this for years. She's a bit of a hippy and it turns out she's been right all along.

Yay! Every little bit counts! My changes: using vinegar as a cleaner instead of all those bleach-and-other-toxic-things cleaners; recycling as much as possible; composting (but that's put on hold til we get a better outside system!); and if you don't want so much junk- give it away instead of throwing it away- there are tons of people who can really use most of that stuff in your garage you're tempted to just throw out. It's frequently inconvenient but so is anything that's worth anything!

its great to know so many are aware and actually take steps <br />
i'm a power and water nazi in my family and i can't stand food wastage<br />
if its good and leftover preserve it, if its spoilt give it to the critters thats my rule

I'm so happy to hear this determination from you! I have been changing my habits as well. Looking back to even one year ago... I have gained so much more awareness and become much more responsible in terms of my daily habits.

Me too chip. I bought a car that used a lot less gas instead of the cute little SUV that I soo wanted. I limit showers and electric use. I remember my father asking "Who do I look like,the electric company?"Being one of seven I was always being hounded.That's a good thing.<br />