Being More Green

I take short cold showers, wash all my close in cold water and hang dry them as to avoid using more natural gas and electricity

pudermcgavin pudermcgavin
26-30, M
3 Responses Oct 25, 2007

I'm all for being green, but I'm not taking a cold shower!

Well done!!! I sort of started my own campaign at our house to be more green. I called it 'Save the Polar Bears'. I reckon it was a success as we did lower our carbon footprint by loads.

Good for you! I havent gone so far as to take cold showers.... (i'm allergic to cold temperatures) ... but I do wash everything in cold water: dishes, clothes, brush my teeth, my floor... I'm in the painful process of convincing my mom that you can remove grease without scorching hot water! Old habits are hard to shake.