I Hate Water Wasters

our country is in a water shortage crisis and we still have to  suffer ignorant people who don't give a damn for future generations or the creatures that depend on the rivers for survival they continue to waste this precious resource

i was walking down the street and this lady was hosing the leaves off her driveway, that goes uphill, onto the road. i couldn't help myself and i said in my nicest voice, "excuse me but that is a terrible waste of water can't you sweep the leaves" she snapped back at me in a nasty tone "i pay for it, i can do what i like" she made me so mad i snapped back at her "well you wont be when there is no water left, what's your money gonna buy you then"  

i'm very lucky to live out of town in a beautiful valley where the air and the river are clean and the wildlife abound

i have spring water on tap that i draw from the ground (electric pump that fills my water tank) i can't drink the water in town it has a foul smell and a tainted taste. i have short showers and will only water plants that i can eat, i have a twin tub washing machine, it is more work but it saves heaps of water

i teach my grandchildren how precious water is, they don't yet understand how important it is for human survival but they certainly know how vital it is for our wildlife and the need to keep it in our rivers 

i tell them you can't waste water because you are taking it from the critters, this they understand

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yeah lol ...it should be put in the stupid national anthem....its just not a human problem with a shortage of water ...it is more to do with the animals and our eco-systems...we are taking so much water ....we are taking it from the fish and all that live in the river ...the turtles and lizards our sea-eagles etc...etc...they need the rivers to survive and they need them to be clean and healthy

You are so right about the water wastage. My grandfather taught us to only take what you need from the land and from life in general. He was a Yuin man.I live just north of Sydney and our dams are still lower than they should be, but like what you see of people, so it is here too. Just because they pay they think they have the right to waste no matter what it is. And sadly I see this with all different peoples. Our land has been polluted for only the last 200 years. There must be an ad somewhere for Australia that says : take as you wish and disregard the rest.

well sas you can be forgiven...sounds lovely living there...i live in a coastal rainforest area about 15 ks inland......we have just had the wettest summer and the coolest summer i can remember...we only had 2 days that exceeded 30 degrees...we normally are baking in temps reaching 35-40...<br />
we don't have a shortage here but the cities and towns do ....their excessive use and demand is drying up the dams and catchment areas<br />

i to admit it, but i am a water waster. I live inbetween two VERY large fresh water lakes and we have no water shortage here. Sorry, wish we could ship you some.......

Awareness is key. There have been many times I am at the pool showering after my swim and people just leave the shower running after they leave without even thinking. I live in a low income/education neighborhood. I dont think these people mean to be harming the earth, but I do think they are unaware. This leads to their kids also not behaving responsibly. <br />
<br />
Awareness and ignorance both work in cycles, generation after generation. It makes me sad to think of the state of the world when I grow old. Makes me not want to have children.

we do have to take a stand against those who continue to waste and pollute our vital resources if we want our quality of life to continue for our children and the planet <br />
i live in australia its only been civilised for 200 yrs and we have polluted and drained our main river systems and ******** and mined the land at a faster rate than any other country <br />
our carbon footprint is the highest (i think that is per capita i'm not sure about that)<br />
<br />
we are all guilty of pollution, but it is the world that we are forced to live in, a money making existance we just pay,pay,pay to the ones who take,take,take,<br />
<br />
but there are many who carry the shame and do their best not to consume or waste excessively i think we are gradually out numbering the ignorant ones<br />
<br />
A collective influence can initiate a significant shift in global consciousness (quote; John Hogue)<br />
<br />
those SVUs are a joke it just shows the low level of intelligence the drivers must have, they need a big car 'cos their brain is so small

Very nicely put and very, very true.This is the time people need to take a stand (no matter how small) for what we've used and abused for many years. The leaves in the driveway are a perfect example.Buying a huge SUV to go to work 5 miles away,and to goto the grocery store,church, and the Dr.;s office is ludicris.In my area that's all I see. It's time. Thanks for writing that.

Where are you from?