10 Things You Can Do To Be More Environmentally Friendly Throughout Your Day

1. Turn lights off when you leave a room - This is about as simple as it gets, requiring nothing more than awareness and small arms movements. Look around when you drive through a neighborhood at dark. how many lights are on in people's homes? Are they all having an art opening or did they just leave unnecessary lights on?

2. Lower the temperature on your fridge - Go to your fridge right now and no matter what the setting is, turn it warmer one degree. You'll probably never even notice but the planet will if even only a few thousand people did this.

3. Lower your thermostat - Same thing applies to your thermostat; whatever it's currently set to, turn it down one degree. If you get cold, wear warmer clothes, use an extra blanket, or share body heat with the people around you.

4. Unplug unused appliances - That random stereo component on the shelf that never gets used is still sucking juice even if it's turned off. Check your house and unplug any electric appliances that you don't use on a regular basis. Better yet, sell them on ebay and share the love.

5. Buy an organic fruit or vegetable - Next time you're at the store and organic produce is available, pick up an organic apple or banana. The extra cost goes to supporting these vital industries and ensuring their continued viability. And the stuff just tastes better.

6. Spend less time in the shower - Try to feel guilty every minute you spend in the shower. Think about the water going down the drain as flooding a room full of kittens. This should help you get out of the shower a minute or two sooner than usual.

7. Use reusable bags for shopping - Don't ever use another plastic or paper bag again. Spend the 99 cents to buy a reusable bag (or keep the paper/plastic bags from your next shop) and use them over and over. They never break and announce to the world that you're not an irresponsible plastic-bag-toting horrible monster.

8. Eat more greens - Meat uses many times more natural resources to produce than vegetables. Cows eat 14 times more grain than they produce as meat (another reason for grass-fed beef). Having one more vegetarian meal a week won't freak anybody out and it's a lot healthier too.

9. Swap one incandescent bulb for a CFL bulb - Compact fluorescent light bulbs use about a quarter of the power that a traditional bulb uses, and give off a similar light. This is something you don't even have to do every day - just do it once and you're done for months.

10. Buy local - Check the labels next time you're at the store. If you have an option, buy the producer closest to you. Every time you step into any kind of purchasing situation, just keep repeating "local local local" in your head.


11. Learn to share - This is a lot easier than you think it is, and can be applied to circumstances sprinkled liberally throughout your day. Sharing is one of the best ways to help the planet, and it also feels pretty good.

    * Plan a meal with friends and share food, drink and good times.

    * Share a ride to the store or work and have someone to talk to, instead of being stuck in your head.

    * If you hear a good tip or bit of wisdom, share it next time you have a conversation with someone.

    * Share the things you don't need or use anymore and accept the same sharing from others (the "free stuff" section on craigslist is a goldmine).

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Feb 22, 2010