Healing Slowly

A lot of "stuff" happened in my life over the past few years - well, actually probably since I was born.  I know, that's life right?  

I'm trying to get myself back to happy - the kind of happy I used to be.  Despite everything that was "wrong", when I was younger, I still managed to keep myself happy, I used to find it so easy to rise above it all.  I giggled and laughed so much, and found joy in the simplest of things.  

Then the "stuff" happened and my ability to be happy - well, it didn't go away - but it did take a big hit, and has been scratched and damaged along the way.  
I remember what it was like, what it felt like to be that happy and I miss it.  I can still experience it sometimes, but it doesn't stay.  It feels like my battery pack gets low on energy.  It can recharge itself a little, but it is a slow process, and the energy doesn't last as long as it used to.

Music seems to be one thing that gets me back to happy.  My books too - growing up I found solace in my humble library of books.  They were my buddies.  I still find that reading calms me down and settles my mind.  Gives it something else to think about other than the "stuff".  Movies too, and tv.  All the usual suspects I guess. 

Opalgem Opalgem
36-40, F
Aug 6, 2010