I Feel Like No One Will Ever Understand Me

Every day when I wake up, I feel as if none of the things I experienced from yesterday existed, but it did. I hide myself from the world sometimes just to get away from all the horrible things that are happening. In school, I'm quiet and shy, but when I'm with my friends, they know how I really am. When I'm at home, I just want to stay away from everyone, be my own person, and just relax before I deal with the chaos that happens right after. I try talking to my mom, but it's as if she hears it and then twists my words around to make it seem like I'm the worst daughter she has. My older brother tries to hurt me, physically and mentally, so I can feel bad about myself. I just want to get away from everyone because I feel like I can't trust anyone around me. I hide myself in my art and music, especially when I'm listening to music. That's when I want to sing my heart out and let everyone know how I feel, but it's as if they won't appreciate all the things I do to try to be successful in life. I hope someone out there feels the same way as I do. It's as if no one will try to even understand me.
a7xlover34 a7xlover34
13-15, F
1 Response Apr 15, 2012

i know how you feel, i've felt crazy my life since i was 12, kids started acting as if i was a freek. not talking to me, when i'd try to join groups, they would be like, who are you? and would luagh at me, when i got to 14, i found a group that excepted me, but it wasnt cool, i started doing drugs with them and staying high all the time, about a year ago i decided that was messed up, that i wanted to think for myself, and stay off of drugs. it bother me so much during that phase. im still that aqwuerd person that doesnt have many friends, and my parents think a drugey.