Why is it so hard to be happy.  I do try, everyday I get up and say to myself that I am going to be happy today.  But a dark cloud comes over me slowly and by the afternoon I feel so sad inside, so unmotivated, and then I end up being depressed again.  Happiness is so hard to find within yourself.  I am grateful for life but its just finding the happiness inside that is challenging.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
1 Response Jun 4, 2009

happiness can only come from within. you have to change your default setting. people can hurt you and bad things happen. but you can be blissful inside by learning to live beside such things and create a little space of joy inside that is just for you. if this sounds simplistic to you, I can tell you that I myself had lost all happiness years ago but now my life is filled with joy. I wish you the best. take care