New Career Path

I have been teaching for three years and it takes up 80% of my life and I hate it. I am too stressed and want a job that stays at work. I do not want to prep for work or work after work or do work on the weekends. I want more time with my husband and family. So, I have started going back to school (I already have my BA) to get certified in accouting. I love math and numbers and working on the computer so I'm thinking that maybe I'd like an accouting job for a change. Well see. I'll have to teach at least one more year until I have completed the certification. For I have no accounting experience whatsoever. I love the kids and I love teaching them, but I feel teachers are walked all over and not given enough support. I get no prep time during the day nor after school. I am required to complete 21 detailed report cards on my own time (unpaid), etc. I could go on and on. I do not have any aids to help me prep. If I could find someone to work as my secretary assistant I would pay them just to make my life easier. These are the many reasons why I am looking for a career change.

lizzylizard217 lizzylizard217
26-30, F
Feb 21, 2009