I've been trying to eat better, not so much junkfood less pop...been exercising more and wearing less makeup to try and clear up my skin:) I got so many compliments today for wearing girly clothes(I'm a tomboy so it's usually tshirts and shorts) and so I might change into wearing more flattering clothes to feel more confident about myself
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I really want to change how I dress and dress more girly.

I just don't know where to start... 😟

Ya ik what you mean, i think I'm going to go to the buckle and try to find some shirts that feel comfortable but look cute compared to a tshirt:) hmmm I'd say go browse around the malls and see what catches your eye and try it on and see what you think of it:) I wish you the best of luck

I was in a shop today with my mum and noticed a simple, plain, white dress. Kinda looked like a t-shirt but was a dress.

I was looking at it and thought I wonder what it would look like on me but my mum seemed to be shopping for herself so I just left it. :/

I see nice clothes but then I think 'don't get it, you wouldn't suit it, you're wide, not small waisted like those pretty girls' ... It's always the thought of how my body would suit it. 😔

Thanks, same to you. :)

Ik exactly how you feel when it comes to being wide and not small but it's all about finding clothes that make me feel confident:) I hope all goes well for you thanks

Yeah you're tall though right? I'm like 5ft2 and wide waisted.

Oh well.. I'll try find something. Thanks :3

Kinda talk I guess at 5'6" and thanks same to you:)

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