Will You Complete My Online Survey On Personality and Sexuality?

I am a psych honours student and have two weeks to collect hundreds of completed online surveys for my thesis. Please have consider spending 30 or so minutes completing "The Personality and Sexuality Survey" at the website below - its thought provoking and NOT at all dull! And totally annoymous!! Website: https://apollo.anu.edu.au/default.asp?pid=2258 Thanks to you all!!
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4 Responses Jul 31, 2007

Damn, it's closed. I was looking forward to that.

Sure thing, so long as you promise to come back in some incarnation and be as active a member of the Experience Project as your life and self permits ;) (Kidding. I did it anyway).

I deleted my original comment as I did not want to put a negative spin on her project - the site seems to be working now so I hope a lot of people here help her out....

Hi sasxlv - thanks for your support!! I've checked the site for any technical problems - it seems okay and other responses have come through. <br />
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I think you might have submitted without knowing and thats why it blanked out - because you can't submit twice.. <br />
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Thanks again!