Coping With Everyday Struggles

I have some very big struggles in life that lead to stressing me out alot. One of my major facts to this is that I am trying my hardest to lose weight and stick to a diet. The thing with that is I can only stay on one for so long then I get off of it and I gain it right back.

I am struggling with family issues in my house that regard people talking about my weight. Hopefully this will change. Even my neices talk about my weight and stuff like that because they hear their parents talking about it and that hurts me badly. I am trying to find something that works so I wont have to put up with this stress anymore. I dont want this leading to depression.

Tonight I got into a huge argument with two of my friends tonight and I was put in the middle of it. I hate when im put in the middle like that and was told to choose which friend to talk to and what not. That was a hard decision because Ive known the guy for four years almost and the girl for 6 years almost known and that I hangout on a daily basis with. Who do I choose? so I told the girl I would never talked to him then I went behind her back to talk with him. Finally He said if she appologizes he would talk again to her but I feel hurt by this.

The last struggle ill talk about is how everyone is always saying you cant this or you cant do that gets to me and it bothers me. I am trying to figure out is there away to make people like me. And what i am saying to this is I always ask people for rides and my parents are telling me their getting tired of taking me places. Since I have many learning problems that deal with focusing, it is in the way of me getting my permit and then license to drive. I hate sitting in my room when im not in school or on the weekends not doing anything cause my parents wont take me. There are 5 people in my house that drive and Im upset because out my 3 other siblings im the only one that doesnt drive. I want out of this so bad but im gonna end up living with my parents for the rest of my life.

I need some insight on what I can do or try to do????? If anyone knows you can email me or post a comment.......................

khawk7921 khawk7921
26-30, F
Mar 13, 2009