Men Wearing Womens Bras

I have worn womens bras since I was 15. I started to experience a lot of breast growth and it never got any less as I got older. As the years went by my breasts got even bigger and it was too uncomfortable to let them hang loose so I decided to get a bigger bra. I have got used to the stupid people who stare and I don't care what people say. It is my body and my health is all that counts. I just put on a bra now like I put on the rest of my clothes. It feels quite natural now. I am 53 now and my bra size is a 40C.
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Recently I had some pain in and around my right nipple. I saw the doctor who sent me to a specialist and had scans. Nothing nasty found but diagnosed as gynocomastia, i.e. male breasts, and the doc explained the hormone imbalance that has probably been with me all my life (often affects males mid-teens and then goes away - could be why so many try bras at that time in their lives!). In short the girls are with me to stay and are likely to grow a bit more he suggested. Well 44D is already fine and a bra helps to ease the bounce ... and feels damned sexy!

I put on my first bra at the age of 12. Over the years I would put one on now and then. Finally i got the guts to take estrogen to grow boobs. That is when I really got serious about wearing a bra. First with inserts, and then finally with tittie. It was also at that time that I started to wear panties. I finally filled out a 38A cup, but wanted just a little bit more. I got silicone implants to bring me up to a full B cup. I can not pass, so I am just a male with boobies. I do not flaunt them, however if my bra shows, so be it.

Great to see such a positive attitude. Likewise, as a kid, people were unkind. Growing into adulthood I learned to deal with the jibes or looks. They are part of me and they aren't going to disappear. A bra makes sense and life much less uncomfortable.

Delighted to see that you =have got over the way people stare at you. Thankfully you have the courage to keep wearing it. I would love to have tha courage to wear one as well but as i live in a small town i would never have the courage to do so. I hope you are happy with it by the way my Bra size is only 42b big enough for me to wear one and enjoy it but not openly only under my clothes.

Wear your bra in good health. Just ignore all the dumb questions and funny looks.

I am a man and I love to wear a bra.

I to have large breasts 38C, i started grow.n when i was 17. Like you i just look past the stares and just enjoy my breasts, they are part of my life! I wear a bra everyday, its just part of my everyday clothing. To all men with breasts, ware a bra, go for comfort and the heck withh what people say!