Fibromyalgia Since 2008

I was diagnosed in 2008. I went into denial for nearly 4 years. I am a 42yr old female. In the past few months, I have had to come to terms with what is factual for me, especially, because it is a fact for my 12 yr old son too. I am worried that my 15 yr old son has it slightly, as well as my husband of 20 yrs. I hate this - I hate that there has not been much research on how it happens, seemingly they are just trying to invent new crap to take care of symptoms, and not much of it works. I hope to find more out about the why and how to stop it. I accept my fate, but to accept it for my young boys - for their whole lives - is unimaginable. Anyone with similar family issues? We - for sure, had a very bad virus in 2008. My youngest and I were hit like mack trucks, and have never been the same. My husband and oldest were not hit as hard. At that time my youngest was 7 - had a 104 fever for 5 days, etc. It was "after" the brunt of the virus that things were even worse - he had 2 boughts of pneumonia, a double fractured vertabrae, tachycardia and irregular heartbeats, developed exercise induced asthma, kidney cysts, tourettes, migraines, SPD, (this was in the first year) For me - during this virus - I had 1 shingle errupt - the head pressure was a night mare - afterwards - same heart issues - rashes - 3 different ones - severe SPD, FM, so many, many maladays - went through so much testing, it was insane. most in the 1st year - but it is never ending, never. I went from a doing it all SAHM to a dysfuntional mess.
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36-40, F
Sep 17, 2012