Is This Premanopause Or Menopause???? Help!!

So I am 51 yrs of age and having more frequent periods.
They last longer. Currently its 11 days so far.
They are more heavy but lighter in colour like a cut colour.
I have also seen a few very tiny clots come out like rice size.
Doesnt really really like cramps at the moment more like fullness.

Have been to the doctor and they did and ultrasound and found a few polps, they said they are not dangerous but i havent dont an internal as I had my periods then.

Im not sure if this is premenopausal or what, but will follow up with a doctor when finshed my periods, till then has anyone have same symptoms or can give me any information.
Blustik Blustik
51-55, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

It could be menopause, there is a simple hormone test you can do to confirm or not, ask your doctor about it.

Periods can get closer together in the pre-menopause state at first then they get further apart. Considering your age it would be reasonable to believe that it is menopause.

Remember don't get stressed out about it, many changes will occur. Read up on what to expect.