Good Habits Develop Hard.

I was going to write a brand new story titled " I want to develop the best habits I am able, to be optimally effective in my Life ". I know, that's a very long title. Then I found this one "I am trying to develop good habits", and decided to click on it, although I sensed that the tone of it was pessimistic. Like "can't you see that I am TRYING? I know I'm failing, but I'm TRYING!". And I don't like that tone. I don't want to TRY. I want to flow into it with all naturalness and ease. It really is the only way we truly do things, am I wrong? Maybe for some people it is possible to while knuckle stuff. I can't. I only do things that are congruent with my heart, and the forced things I have a real hard time with and resentment brews. Rather, I analyze an action, determine fully that IT IS GOOD FOR ME and that it SUPPORTS MY GOALS. Then I align myself to that action, usually veeeeeeeeeery slowly, but I make that action my own desire, so no one is pushing me, but it is coming from within me. Sometimes I ask myself, like when I am laying in bed a little longer than I should "what does a winner do in this situation?". It usually is enough to get me going, because, I too want to be a "winner". A winner of what? OF MY OWN RESPECT AND LOVE number ONE, and then all the other things of value in Life follow naturally.

So!!!! :-) :-) :-) Not with the attitude of "sheesh", but with the attitude of "wow!!! look at the potential!!"; I want to allow the best habits for ME at this time, the most effective, wholesome and supportive, I want to allow them to become MINE :-). Love them, embrace them, care for them, protect them from the old not-so-good habits that will try to creep in and steal them away. The old ones don't spell out "I love you and respect you and support you in your highest goals of fulfillment", they say "I don't think you are worthy of any better. You have to do something that allows you to feel guilty at the end of the day, and some shame. You don't get to feel satisfaction and fulfillment, who do you think you are, your sisters don't even approve of you, you need to carry a penance, and this right here -fill in the blank- will make do nicely". The blank can be anything: from wasting time at the computer, from not exercising as I love to do, from eating out of balance, STAYING UP INSANELY LATE making me tired for the next day in advance, and that's a big one, and other similar things.

And on that note I leave this place right now :-). To do things that support my Peace, my Joy, my Gratitude; and these kinds of energies are what makes us useful in the world at the level of consciousness and Being. This might sound like Greek. Oh well. Love to all !! And all the best!! I doubt anybody will read this story, much less comment, thought which has given me even more freedom to expound with liberty :-).

La la la la la ..................... :-)
SlowlyHealing SlowlyHealing
41-45, F
Apr 10, 2011