Starting With Water and Exercise...

Eventually will cut out the junk and fast food more.  I was raised eating a lot of veggies and fruits so I really do love those and the only thing I really don't care of is corn at least not canned whole, creamed none of it and celery. EWW But occasional corn on cob is alright.  So really in that aspect I have no problems eating healthy, I love salads and all other veggies. 

I know if I fill up on those then I won't want junk foods.  Typically I don't buy them things because I get whats needed and thats it due to budget, but since I live with people its around.

I'm really interested in yoga and want to get a dvd for mom and kids because I had this on demand cable before that had a special on for one and it was cool we tried it out.  But the relaxing time would be cool and especially for my hyper daughter. LOL

shuttermagic shuttermagic
36-40, F
Apr 3, 2008