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I've always been very interested in self-improvement and have read many books and tried to implement their positive suggestions! I would usually go along fine for a few weeks but then usually finding myself back where I started somewhere down the road!  I made some small improvements but nothing like I wanted and expected.

Recently I've been having a lot more success with a little help from my friends. A couple years ago I got a iPad 2 and more recently I added a iPod 5 .. I think between the two of them I have about 345 apps! And I'm finding out how true that phrase that you hear "they have an app for that!" Is so true true, especially to my self-improvement nature a lot of my apps fall in that area of interest.

Gradually over the years, I've discovered to really change myself I need to change my deepest beliefs and especially my daily habits. Hard to do! Remembering that some of the biggest changes I've ever made in my life were in military boot camp. And the reason for that was not my own willpower but the application of  external authority along with, being a member of  and supported by a large group . Namely my boot camp company, a group of 100 like-minded peers, my fellow boots, with the same (enforced) goals and ultimately changed our habits... my habits and beliefs over the course of 16 weeks. No choice, with a healthy application of discipline (Again external at first) The military certainly has installation of new habits and beliefs down to a science!

How to do that when you're mature and much further down the road having collected possibly more bad habits than good habits in the years since the boot camp experience! It would be nice to go back to a boot camp now and pick the habits you want "installed"  and I'm certain there's probably high dollar programs for that! But this is where the Ipod app comes in .. Applications like "Lift" and "Super better" are social in nature, that peer group of people working on the same habits boosting your morale, sharing suggestions, public commitments and working together as a team. Your results are posted daily and commented on by the peer group .. Certainly puts a little more external willpower into your desire to create new habits!

Lift is at :

Super better is at:

And in the past week I found a wonderful online website using all the same techniques. I'm still exploring what's possible and have signed on in hopes of even more support in establishing good habits with the help of some new friends! Here's a link to the ALIVE website:

I have tried many other self-improvement apps but so far these are the best of class in my opinion I'm sure has more and more users sign-on they will get even better!

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Richard; thanks for the tips!