Spin By Jim And Ingrid Croce Puck Cover

puck61 puck61
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12 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Very touching. :)

Thank you for the sweet comment, LyNz46!

Ahhh thank you sunni!

wonderful!...as usual :)

Thank you Jimmy!

This was an excellent rendition, Puck... congratulations my man *applauds*

Thank you hillbillycrone. It was my pleasure

How wonderful, I have loved each one, this is so tender, takes me to soft place. I feel as if I have recieved a gift. Thanks

Why thank you! Lil Annie. Thanks for listening.

Oh, Puck! that was truely lovely. What a treat!

Jim and Ingrid

Loved it Puck! Is that THE Jim Croce's song?