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SO precious, thank you very much Puck. Moving! I appreciate these, very very much, what a gift.

I'm doing another one in October. am looking forward to that!

Thank you. I've got a basement cd out. I've sold about 1200$ worth. (sounds a lot different in a studio) I've got 12 of my songs on EP. They're in my blog titles "some of my songs" it's the very first blog I wrote since I've been here. All you have to do is follow the links if you want to listen. It's just me and a guitar.

thank you shepherdess and weneedeachother. Yeah this was a about a friend that died in San Francisco in 1985, he was mentally challenged, He was killed by a faction of skin heads that called themselves the troll patrol. They preyed on homeless people.

WOW Puck! I love the earthy, rawness of your voice. I get swept into your presentation too! Keep them coming! This was wonderful. I'll be back here many times to listen to this. Is this song about a friend of yours that was killed? I remember you telling me about it once.