Water Can Seem Boring

I've always known i dont drink enough water. I used to drink coke on the way to school! I even started eating more salad like cucumber, which i never used to eat, just to compensate! Now i try but lets face it, dinner goes down better with a coke or a glass of wine! juice coffee or tea with breakfast, and iced tea in between!!! i always try to have water at the ready though. so i always end up having some. i.e order wine with dinner but order some water too
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Great story and I have the same issue, but with iced tea.<br />
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What I do though is I'm a bottled water monkey. I almost feel that if I didn't have bottled water in my fridge at my beck and call I would flip out lol Not really, but I would feel like a piece of me is missing. With all the horror stories of bottled water actually being tap water or "if you lined up all the water bottles end to end............", you kind of start thinking with a different mentality. <br />
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Although i still drink boatloads of water, I have gone to the tap and to a filtration apparatus in lieu of bottled water.<br />
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Good luck in your journey!!

it's because coke goes with everything, pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken, burgers, rice...mmm i'm craving some now, but nah it's hot so i'll have a cold one instead. :D