Kidney Function Not Healthy

My doctor just told me my kidney function is too low from my blood test and I need to drink more water.  The problem is that it tastes terrible.  Any suggestions on how to make it tolerable?  Just started the Wii Fit yesterday and I always seem to want to drink it when I exercise but any other time, the thought of drinking plain water makes me gag, what do I do?  I want to be healthy.

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3 Responses Dec 14, 2010

It is easier than you think! I had the same problem and couldn't stand drinking water. This is what I did, and now I get sick to my stomach if I drink anything else. I actually crave it and drink it throughout the day. I always have a bottle with me.<br />
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Anyway, this is what I did: Every morning I would pour 1 eight ounce glass of water and leave it by the sink (or you can get 8-oz bottled water) so that every time I went into the kitchen I would see it. I had to drink the entire glass between getting up and going to bed. Just 1 glass. I sipped on it throughout the day until it was gone. In about 3 days, that 1 glass became very easy and didn't bother me, so I filled 2 glasses and sat them by the kitchen sink. It took another 3 or 4 days until I could drink them with no problem, then I increased it to 3 and so on. Before you know it, you'll be drinking water with no problem at all and you'll wonder how you ever did without! Remember--Baby Steps!!!

How about a slice of lemon or lime? Herbal tea? Almost anything without a lot of sugar or caffeine should be ok.

Well there are some things you can add to your water, like those Crystal Lite tubes. I would recommened drinking green tea, I've read that it actually help blood circulation and you could also get your daily dose of water. Check with your doctor first. Hope this helps.