8 Glasses Really Necessary?

I often take water for granted. It's easily accessible and it's the human body's best friend. It takes super good when you actually have a crave for it or if you've been in the heat. But I am astounded by the heavy intake of water a human being must take daily. I am NEVER that thirsty. It was just today that I had to force myself to gobble down a bottle and a half so far, even though I did not desire to. But I suppose that is healthier then not taking any water at all. Our bodies are like brats; if you don't give it its daily needs it's going to backfire.

The heart is a good example. I think it was an episode of Dr. Oz I saw where the heart becomes discolored or weaken if it does not get enough water. They showed the difference between a normal-working heart and a hard-working heart. They say if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. But goodness, how I do figure how to drink eight glasses a day :(

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1 Response Jul 10, 2012

I think the saying is "8 CUPS a day." It's pretty possible to drink by the measurements.

with practice I actually got used to it. It's no big deal to me anymore.