Water Tastes Gross

I know people say that water is supposed to be tasteless, but it's just not. Tap water is at the top of the disgusting chain, followed by the cheapo bottled brands, followed by the midpriced bottle brands, with Dasani being the only water I can tolerate. Before this year, I honestly can say I've never sat down and had a glass of water, always something else like sweet tea or chocolate milk or fruit juice of some kind (I don't really like soda either, it burns).

I first started this endeavor as a way to cut out extra calories by drinking water with my meals and throughout the day instead of drinks with calories in them. I had to force myself to chug it and try not to taste at first, but eventually, I learned to tolerate Dasani and have it every day instead of other drinks. Then I sort of realized that something had been missing my entire life.

I've always had urinary tract issues and kidney issues, and sometimes my urine would be so devoid of water that it would burn. I basically just accepted this as a normal part of life. Once I started drinking water, the burning and issues stopped completely. It's been an amazing relief, and I never want to go back to the way it was before.

However, lately, I've been drinking less water than usual, sometimes not even a whole bottle in one day, and the problems are cropping back up from time to time. I guess I just go through phases of thinking that even Dasani is disgusting and not being motivated to even chug it. I really need to get back to drinking more water again, at least two bottles a day, for my own health and comfort.
justmyself35 justmyself35
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2012