Drinking More Water Is Easy With Hint Essence Water!

Drinking more water is easy with Hint! Hint Essence Water isnt just good for you, it tastes great. So, how do you know if you're getting enough water? Well, aim for drinking 8 glasses (8 oz.) of water daily.... and you should be good!

And, if you're drinking that much water, why not enjoy it with Hint Water?! Individuals that complete the "14-Day Drink More Water Challenge" will automatically qualify to receive one of 5 Grand Prizes -- a case of 48 bottles of Hint! 

Are you drinking enough water? Take the "Drink More Water Challenge with Hint" today, for a healthier YOU!

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4 Responses Apr 21, 2009

..lemonade anyone ??!!!

Well I decided to drink more water, simply because do to a drastic change in my lifestlyle I have begun to drink more coffee than I truly care to mention. I can now see the difference in my complexion and it is not flattering. So it time for a regression back to the way I use to eat and drink and felt so much better. The intake of the additional caffine is starting to affect my sleeping pattern.<br />
Less sleep equals less patience and less patience equals more irritability. So if I increase my water intake I will also restore my sense of calmness that I miss so much.

i have never been much of a soda drinker but i have had to increase my water intake almost exponentially to continue flushing out my body.i have found that when i get the craving for something with a little flavor, that adding lemon or orange to my ice water is a nice change.

I gave up soda / soft drinks a year ago and I've not missed them, but now I'm drinking a bottle a day of Tejava bottled tea, with liquid Splenda, and I'm not sure that's any better. In fact, my craving for Tejava tea is stronger than it was for the soda! I need to try and drink more water.