Wow Watter

I admit.... got to... I am heavy smoker, addicted to a coffee. Working hard on my PC try to go out with the best I knew in my graphics design...

Stress... stress... I noticed that all of liquids I drink is at that black coffee cup... well, its not enough... my skin start to be dry...

Now I have bottle of water where ever I go, just there in front of my self... and I drink and drink... I feel better, I find out that most of my head ache are gone with just one glass of water!!!! My skin getting smother and God, I am going to continue this health part of drinking water...

Feel just great.

DiamondInTheDark DiamondInTheDark 36-40, F 1 Response Nov 14, 2009

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I totally agree with you!

Im a college student and workin' on my final project. Everyday I'd been depended on coffee to stay awake.

Finally, I had a bad headache, facial skin problems, and I dont look fresh and healthy.

Finally I tried to bring a bottle of water everywhere I go and drink it everytime I open my bag.

It works grtz and now I think Im healthy again :D