Dehydration Sucks !

Im a college student and workin' on my final project. Everyday I'd been depended on coffee to stay awake. Consequently, I had a bad headache, facial skin problems, and I dont look fresh and healthy. Finally I tried to bring a bottle of water everywhere I go and drink it everytime I open my bag. It works grtz and now I think Im healthy again :D

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@Amy, yeah it is but its possible, you just have to give it a try ,, you can do it if you really want ;)<br />
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@ Andrew, I totally agree with you .. thx :)<br />
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@ Pink, I wanna be always healthy and wish you the same here .. *hugs* <br />
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@C8, I'll try "arginine" thx so much for the tips ;)<br />
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@ Candy, Ill eat .. thks a lot for caring honey !

Smart idea Sweetie :)Our body is 55-75 percent water<br />
we adults should drink 64 ounce a day<br />
drink 15 min before you eat 8 oz class<br />
I like mine cold with fresh cut lemon sometimes!ice cold YUM!<br />
Water<br />
regulate appetite<br />
increase metabolism<br />
boost energy<br />
less water retention<br />
help with headaches<br />
help reduce blood pressure<br />
help joint pain<br />
improve skin<br />
release toxic waste<br />
<br />
Drink green tea too!<br />
Yes good idea it's life to you!<br />
Lov YoUr cAnDy!XoX<br />
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I can not give up my coffee.Cutting back is my way..:) <br />
Happy thoughts sent your way!You continue ur way to better health!make sure u eat! Amy!!or cAnDy spank u!

if you need the *kick* start the caffeine gives you, take "arginine" first thing each morning. It's an amino acid, available at your local health outlet. Is fairly cheap, and was the way I gave up coffee some 15 years ago

to drink enough water is very important. you're absolutely right and Im glad that you are healthy again. I wanna see you always healthy and happy Eva. <br />
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xox<br />

Oh yeah ! I agree. You don't have to stop drinking coffee but at least try to dilute it by drinking more water. I had suffered a lot of dehydration and had pimples. I hated them so I drank water more and more everyday and it helps :D

To stop coffee and drink more water i meant.difficult

Are you serious ? Amy ? lol<br />
taking a bottle of water in the bag?