Dehydration Sucks !

Im a college student and workin' on my final project. Everyday I'd been depended on coffee to stay awake. Consequently, I had a bad headache, facial skin problems, and I dont look fresh and healthy. Finally I tried to bring a bottle of water everywhere I go and drink it everytime I open my bag. It works grtz and now I think Im healthy again :D

DollyDiva DollyDiva 22-25, F 8 Responses Nov 15, 2009

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@Amy, yeah it is but its possible, you just have to give it a try ,, you can do it if you really want ;)

@ Andrew, I totally agree with you .. thx :)

@ Pink, I wanna be always healthy and wish you the same here .. *hugs*

@C8, I'll try "arginine" thx so much for the tips ;)

@ Candy, Ill eat .. thks a lot for caring honey !

Smart idea Sweetie :)Our body is 55-75 percent water

we adults should drink 64 ounce a day

drink 15 min before you eat 8 oz class

I like mine cold with fresh cut lemon sometimes!ice cold YUM!


regulate appetite

increase metabolism

boost energy

less water retention

help with headaches

help reduce blood pressure

help joint pain

improve skin

release toxic waste

Drink green tea too!

Yes good idea it's life to you!

Lov YoUr cAnDy!XoX

I can not give up my coffee.Cutting back is my way..:)

Happy thoughts sent your way!You continue ur way to better health!make sure u eat! Amy!!or cAnDy spank u!

if you need the *kick* start the caffeine gives you, take "arginine" first thing each morning. It's an amino acid, available at your local health outlet. Is fairly cheap, and was the way I gave up coffee some 15 years ago

to drink enough water is very important. you're absolutely right and Im glad that you are healthy again. I wanna see you always healthy and happy Eva.



Hello. Thanks for this story, DollyDiva. amyMM, DD is right. I drink 2 litres of plain water a day, at least! Plain water is good for you. When you are properly hydrated, your head is clearer. Stunt Nephew (aged 4+) gets grumpy and cranky when he is thirsty; I am the adult so I remember for him when he last drank water, and I will offer it to him when I think he must be getting thirsty. He is a great water lover too!


*hugs and love* --


Oh yeah ! I agree. You don't have to stop drinking coffee but at least try to dilute it by drinking more water. I had suffered a lot of dehydration and had pimples. I hated them so I drank water more and more everyday and it helps :D

To stop coffee and drink more water i meant.difficult

Are you serious ? Amy ? lol

taking a bottle of water in the bag?