Serving My Wife

I'm actively trying to encourage my Wife's sexual dominance, and hope to find others to discuss this with. 

As in many marriages, my Wife calls the shots about the frequency of sex in our bedroom. Most of the time She only wants to have sex with me three or four times a month. We're both very busy with our own separate businesses, our kids, our farm, sport and hobby commitments which often leave her tired, irritable and far from 'in the mood' at the end of the day. 

We've been married over 5 years and the lack of sexual contact didn't previously worry me much even though I have a very high sex drive because I was using p0rn to jack 0ff frequently. I'm into D/S and BDSM p0rn and prior to marriage, have had much real time experience in this area (mostly as a dominant). Over time however, I noticed a need to find more and more extreme p0rn, until eventually I couldn't find anything extreme enough on the net for my tastes, and became bored and desensitised to it. But still I needed sexual thoughts and contact and even considered going outside my marriage to get it, but couldn't bring myself to do it in the end because I really love my Wife. So it was then I started to explore and experiment with ways to have more sexual contact with my Wife.

I've now managed to do this with some success by encouraging Her sexual dominance and control in the bedroom. So the following are some examples of things that are becoming frequent in our bedroom which deprive me, fulfill her sexually or just pleasurably and that I am increasingly craving to do for Her to achieve some kind of sexual contact for myself. 

1. Waking Her with rubs and an 0rgasm. Around the time She is normally waking up, I have taken to gently rubbing my Wife's back and bum, while She slowly wakes up. I know She enjoys this but She normally doesn't even acknowledge that I'm doing it unless I stop and then She sleepily says "Where did the rubbing go?". She NEVER reciprocates this, and I often move the rubbing down to Her clitoris, and work it for 5-10 minutes until She 0rgasms. She NEVER thanks me, acknowledges me or reciprocates this.

2. Hours of full body massage. When the kids are asleep or away, I like to give my Wife a full massage. The thing about this is that She doesn't let me massage Her front, so I have to be creative enough to keep a massage going on Her neck, back, arse, legs and feet for periods of up to two hours. I lay a towel out on our bed, and She lies front down and naked. Sometimes She rests with her eyes closed but lately has taken to reading. Either way She doesn't like to interact with me, and it's very unusual that we speak while I massage unless it's Her telling me that I'm doing it wrong. I rub oil all over Her to start and simply start rubbing and kneading at the shoulders and work my way slowly down the body repeatedly over time. I absolutely ADORE my Wife's bum, and find it hard to take my eyes off it while I work. Her behavior during massages is becoming more dominant. Yesterday afternoon with the kid's at the in-laws, I was massaging Her for several hours while She read and ate chocolate. Half way through Her mobile phone rang and it was a girlfriend of Hers. She talked to her with good natured happy humour, joking and giggling while I worked. My Wife has just turned 30 and Her friend is in her 20's and HOT. I was massaging Wife's feet at the time, and made the mistake of believing I had finished with Her left foot (after maybe 10 minutes working on it) and She reminded me that I hadn't by tapping my head with Her foot and then gesturing with Her foot for attention while She continued to chat on the phone. I returned my attention to the foot and all was well. This drives me wild because I have a massive foot fetish. After what seemed like forever, She announced that we were going to dress and go out to the in-laws, and that She was going to shower. Needless to say my balls felt like they weighed about two tonne at this stage and my Wife eyed my aching c0ck which by now was purple, coated in clear sticky juice and rock hard. She suggested that if I cleaned the bed up quickly I'd have time to jack 0ff alone while She showered, and with that She went into our ensuite and closed the door behind Her. When I touched myself I came in less than 10 seconds.

3. I've started to offer her oral sex. I expect and receive nothing in return from Her.

I'm interested in chatting with others who find, have found, or want to find themselves in similar situations, and open a forum for suggestions and tips for other submissive bedroom type husbands

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She seems atuned to you're desires being somewhat dominant. It is all about her needs so go with it. At times when mine isn't in a controling mood, I relishe in her ignoring my needs doing things she feels like, even than they are contolling our *******! Eventually she will tire of all the foot attention so try and tease her paying less attention to them, let her enitiate! Also, I find that mine likes to reward me by doing more dome scenes when I have given her something that inhances her sexuality ie jewlery or on b-days etc. See seems very acceptable to being dominant, already. She must be very emaginant. How do you atribute what she does knoow? You might help me in my quest!

I'm very interested in encouraging similar behaviour in my wife. She is already somewhat dominant, though she'd never admit it, but I would like her to explore that more. My eventual goal is to get her into face sitting and strap-on play, two of my favourite kinks.

I have the opposite problem, I want my wife to tease and deny me but she won't and always makes sure I have a release. Not what I am looking for, I would like to be teased to tears, made to lick her to an 'O' and then prepare her for her lover all while I am locked in chastity. Losing control is the hottest thing for me.

Hi, we might help eachother? your's luvs you very mucy. Mine, too! So I found that she luvs teasing, but others much more because of the attention and she won't bother with a dude who doesn't get hard for her when she flirts, teases. Ladies like ours won't ask for things directly but insinuates because it means more to her if I do it on my own, so when she says, she likes or is gonna do something it really means-do it dummy! Billycuck, after mine really got into flirting and all it made me have a deep desire to please and serve her-you feeling it yet? Later dude

Sounds like your on the right track though its a pretty old post! , if you want to chat about it I'd like to too.