Sequentially Bisexual?

For the 1st 24 years of my life, I considered myself to be straight. I was attracted to women, dated women, had sex with women.
Shortly before I turned 24, my then-girlfriend asked me if I was gay...which surprised me because we had a sexual relationship that I thought was pretty good. She dumped me a couple of months later.
A little while after that, I was at a (male) friend's house & we were drinking and watching TV. He left the room, and returned a few minutes later. He was completely naked. He walked up to me & kissed felt like an electric charge had been sent through me. I wasn't at all repulsed, but incredibly aroused. Soon I was naked & in bed with him, sucking his **** & being ****** by him. He became my first boyfriend, and when we broke up several months later I soon found another boyfriend. For the next couple of years my relationships were exclusively homosexual.
Over the years, I've had several boyfriends & several girlfriends. Eventually, I met & fell in love with the woman who became my wife. I've been in a monogamous heterosexual relationship with her for many years.
Recently the marriage has become effectively sexless primarily due to the many medications my wife must take. Her sex drive is pretty much nonexistent, while mine seems as strong as ever. Increasingly I've turned to ************ & ***********, primarily male gay ****. I fantasize about sucking ***** and being buttfucked.
I took a sexual orientation test administered by a university, and was told that I am sequentially bisexual...that sometimes I'm much more attracted to men, while at other times I'm much more attracted to women. While this appears logical, I can't help but question the results (and myself).
Am I really bisexual at all? Maybe I'm really gay, but reluctant to let go of the indoctrination of my youth. Yes, I've always enjoyed being with women...but my most intense ******* have occurred during anal sex with other men. At times I can look at naked women (or photos of them) & not be aroused, even if the women would be considered attractive...but I'm pretty much always aroused by the sight of athletic men or erections. At this point, I'm going along with the diagnosis of sequentially bisexual because I can still be attracted to/aroused by women and have always enjoyed sex with women as well as men (but, as always, I remain a bit skeptical).
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Questioning again...While I've had sex with many more men than women, my relationships with women have generally been strong emotionally (I've never had a one night stand with a woman, while I've had many with men). On the other hand, I've also had a few relationships with men that have been deep emotionally and have lasted for a while. Maybe I should also "give up" trying to figure out my sexuality and just enjoy whatever relationship I'm in.