Stereotype Teenager Or...?

I'm a girl, attracted to man...and women.
I would like to know if I'm only attracted to girls because I'm a teenager and I have weird hormones etc etc or...Am I a bisexual ? Because i am totally attracted to boys, I can find something attractive in any boys that I see or met. But i can also do that with girls. This week i know, a dream about me and my friend (a girl) and I didn't find it disturbing at all, I was really seeing me in couple with her...
I don't really mind of being a bisexual, but I really feel that i'm the only one in my entourage. My friends are totally homophobic (or they pretend it) and it's really disappointing.

Anyway, if someone could give me some advice, or just talk with me...
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1 Response May 25, 2012

I'm sure that if they are true friends they will except you for who you are. Maybe not at first, but if they truly care they will eventually. And if they don't, they were never a true friend. And it'll probably hurt to lose them, but reassure yourself in the fact that they won't start rumors or try to hurt you. They will still remember your friendship.<br />
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I know how you feel. I'm only 13 and I've been experiencing exactly what you have been feeling. There's a girl in my grade who I'm really close friends with...I had had a few crushes on girls before but I passed them off as hormones. But this one, well, it allowed me to see that I was bisexual. Don't fret about it, embrace it. And hopefully your friends will do the same.