My Sexuality

I used to only be sexually attracted to girls, but looking back when I was in middle/high school I definitely had big crushes on guys but didn't recognize them as such until I was in college. In college and at the present I am sexually attracted to both guys and girls, actually I find more girls sexually attracted than I do guys, and when I just want to "get off" I fantasize about girls (usually being aggressive and rough with me). I am also sexually attracted to guys, but to a much smaller percentage of guys, they really need to be my "type", but I only get in emotional relationships with other guys. So it can be hard to find the right boyfriend but I get that "love at first sight" feeling when I see a guy who is my type I he is checking me out too, and I was deeply in love in my last relationship.
jmasterson99 jmasterson99
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Hey,I'm all FOR love/lust,at 1st sight,and I picked the right one 34 years ago because we're still together and I still love and lust after him,still!