Being A Secretive Bisexual

In the last Summer I recently discovered that I might or might not be a Bisexual. So I told friends and confronted it, Close friends know and so does my sister and two of my cousins. I've never told my parent and I have no intention to. The only problem about this is that I live in a small town of people who might be a little homophobic. So coming out about it was not an option. Being a secretive Bisexual was okay with me until very recently when I returned to school, it turns out that I now like a guy who I've known since the 8th grade, I am a Sophomore now. I really like him and recently he touched my back feeling rather passionately, even though I knew it was a joke I liked it. After that I had harder feelings for him, I can't even forget about him, he's always on my mind now. I just don't know what to do, I like him but I have no idea if he's ever had feelings like this or not. I want to know but I really don't. If we don't work out that way the least I want with him is to be friends. I just needed to get this out, thank you for reading <3
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Wait - you've known him since eighth grade and you're a sophomore now - how old are you?

well get with him and have some fun

it sucks to be in such a narrowminded environment. sometimes it's just better not to make somethings about u ne1's business. especially if it will make u uncomfortable. it is cool that u found some people u could trust to tell this too. it really does make things easier. as far as ur friend, it's not clear if he would be open to nething with u. i think if it's meant to be, in other words if he could have similar feelings for u too, it will happen someway. who knows, maybe his backrub was him hitting on u. maybe not. but if u2 keep running into each other, if u2 are meant to be togather there will be other things like backrubs what will tend to bring u2 closer. but don't focus on just this guy, do try to be open to other opportunities too. it sounds like bisexuality is a new idea for u, it would help for u to have experiance with others to help u figure out ur feelings. go to the next town over if u can if u must. goodluck finding ur true self no matter how simple or complicated things are.

I understand how you feel. It is difficult when you first start to address these feelings. And in a small town, where everybody knows you business, it can be a lot more difficult. My advice is to play it cool until you are more confident about the situation, specifically how the other guy feels and how a relationship like that could work in your location.

Good luck

Thanks for sharing!

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I've been in that boat too.
Good luck!