I Dont Know.

i have kissed a few girls, i always find myself looking up **** and being more interested in girls and there boobs more than the mens penis'

i dont think i would ever have guts to go any further with a girl than a kiss though, but i love sex with men, i dont know whether i want to do more with a girl or not im confused
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4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

i look at **** too on women and i think of men too ive never thoughht of having a relationship with another man because i want to be one with a girl, to experince it and a cant wait, ive been working hard for the laadies and then later for men

The only way to know for sure is to try it love!
Yea youll be shy, hell I still am!
But I think sex more romantic with girl, girls are more loving and compassionate

I'm 17 been bi since I was 10 I didn't have sex with a girl till I was 15 it's not the same as a guy it's softer lol jss keep kissing and let it come to you don't force your self because you won't enjoy your self at all :)

I feel the same way and I'm 39. Funny how you can be at this place at any age. I love to look at women's breasts and enjoy sex with men. I haven't had the chance to be with a woman yet. Can't wait though!