Don't Know What To Do!

Happily married for nearly 15years with kids...and now the urge is stronger.
I can recall instances of when I was in school - A new girl came to class & I was struck. I was shy to speak to her, despite being an extrovert. We began wonderful friends and now too I can feel that odd feeling when I think about that day. Even when I was in college (a conservative college in a conservative city), I remember feeling mushy when I was with a particular girl.
To date, I feel very nervous when any female touches me accidently or even when they do so in the chummy manner. I too can't get comfortable doing so.
I also get these dreams where in a my friend is nude & I'll be with her.... Everytime I meet her, I feel like holding her so tight.... feeling her... being with her.
Then there will be some days when all this makes me feel shameful & I'll want to do nothing to encourage it.... but it comes crawling back.
ParishanHoon ParishanHoon
31-35, F
Dec 5, 2012