"every Single Time I Get Sucked In, Those Scorpio Girls Always Seem To Win."

I don't really know where to start. Sexuality has always been a loaded issue for me. I mean, it doesn't bother me that I'm attracted to guys and girls...except when it bothers my friends...it's just that it never seems to do what I expect it or even hope for it to do. My last long-term relationship was with a girl. She was quite a bit younger than me and had some real issues, but I still loved her very much. After she left, I kind of resolved myself to try and have a relationship with a guy next time...you know, a change is as good as a holiday and so on. ...and I did meet a couple of nice guys, had hot, wild sex with one of them, and had one tell me he is in love with me and wants me to move to Berlin with him. These have been great experiences and I'm still trying to work out what I want...but then tonight, I had dinner with one of my office colleagues. She was just so nice to be with. So cute and lovable, and yet also so strong, deep and intellectually brilliant. (Intelligence is my biggest turn on) We had dumplings for dinner and then just walked and walked; sharing our life-stories as we went. I just found myself more and more attracted to her. She actually has a kind of boyishness about her too...the suit she wore, the haircut she has. So now I have this crush on her. *sigh* Of course, then I find out, she's a scorpio girl and I'm thinking 'oh no!' All I can hear is Supergroove singing this song...

Ooh, ooh, ooh what am I supposed to do
She seemed a nice girl but she is one too
What's going on? I can't understand it
Something went wrong - I'm a starsign magnet
I try to hide it but they just keep coming
Bad bitching babes getting my guitar strumming
Every single time I'm getting sucked in
Those Scorpio girls always seem to win

Aiyah...so the problem is. I don't think she is bi, but she does kind of send of some ambiguous symbols. I just want to give her a kiss. She's so adorable. Ok, it's all very silly, and this story has not had any organisation or style, but I have sexual tension happening. hmmm.
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Now, please! How can you, in the same story write that intelligence is your greatest turn-on and then maunder about scorpio girls always winning? I figure consistency isn't very high on your list? And now go for that girl!

*sigh* Hey guys. It's a SONG. I'm not THAT serious about astrology. Besides which, part of the point of this little story is the perennial struggle of intelligence Vs superstition. ...of following your mind or some conditioned 'belief'...it IS the inherent contradictions in who we are. Our inconsistency is part of what actually makes us human, because either we would be machines, or less 'sentient' beings functioning purely on instinct and biological imperative.

This is what love is all about. Why would we do something again and again that causes us tension? It's all about finding ourselves through our own dissonance.

Incidentally, my view of astrology is not that there is any supernatural power in it, but that instead it is simply the greatest quantitative, longitudinal study of human behaviour ever conducted.

....oh. and did I say, IT'S JUST A SONG.
ok. end rant.