I Wanted Her To Watch

As with all my stories, this is 100% true, 0% fiction. During the next few years of secret ***********, only consisting of four or five guys whom I serviced only once plus an older gentleman that I sucked regularly every few weeks, I met a woman and we became close friends. As our friendship grew stronger and our relationship became more meaningful, I starting thinking that could trust her with my atypical, homosexual desires and indulgences. In case you're not aware, fear and secrecy are big factors in the life of a straight male who incidentally enjoys orally pleasing men. Needless to say, the thought of admitting to someone of my sexual pastime was terrifying at best. However, she and I had become so close and I felt such a lack of judgement around her that I really wanted, almost needed her to know. So, after a couple years of intimacy with her, and during one of our scheduled private times, I confided in her that I was by definition Bisexual and that I occasionally enjoyed sucking a hard **** off.
To make a long story short, she was very understanding and supportive. She was very interested in some of my stories and asked many questions. The more I shared, the hornier we became...the harder we ******. She started saying things during sex like " you're my little **********, aren't you?" or "pretend my swollen **** is one of your hard *****". All this sex talk made me so much hornier for **** as well as for her. So much so that we discussed the possibility of her watching me perform ******** and this only made things hotter. She didn't need to be convinced. We ****** and came harder that morning than usual. Alas, when I asked my guy if he'd be interested in adding a spectator, he said no. I explained that she was totally safe as I had known her for years. Still he declined. I never met with him again.
Let's fast forward once more. After lots of searching, eventually we found another local guy who was willing to get sucked off while being watched by a female. The three of us met one morning at our usual place. I was a little nervous. It almost seemed like my first time again. She was very calm and he was equally collected. To avoid any confusion in my story let's call our gentleman Mr. D. When he arrived, she motioned for me to side down beside her on the floor. She made me face her putting Mr. D behind me. While we were kissing, either he took the cue or she motioned to him to undress...I don't know which but when I turned around he was naked sitting on the couch. His **** was already hard. He had a very nice ****...clean shaven, smooth and very stiff. We both went to him on our knees. She lifted his **** with her pretty hand and placed it in my mouth. I look her straight in the eyes as I went down on him, bobbing up and down. As I enjoyed his ****, sucking and licking, I could hear her whimpers and low moans. She rubbed his legs and asked him if it felt good. Mr.D said, "yes, you have taught him well". She rubbed my hair as I took as much of him I could into my mouth...pressing at the back of my throat. I relaxed and tried to push him into my throat gagging slightly. Needing a better angle, I climbed up on the couch laying beside him. While I was moving, she stood and took her jeans off revealing a sexy thong. From my new position, I could go down farther. As I sucked him deeper, she slide her hand into her panties and made this nearly inaudible sweet cooing sound. The site of her ************ sent Mr.D over the edge. With a ragged breath, he said was ******* and one second later his hot load filled my mouth. I stared into her green eyes as his *** spurted and flooded my mouth. I sensed that we were bonding even more. With each squirt of ***, we gazed into each other's eyes...knowing....sharing...falling deeper and deeper in love. She imprinted on my soul and I hers. At that time, I had never swallowed ***, so I discreetly got up and went to the bathroom. As always, I watched my reflection in the mirror. I let the *** run out of my mouth, dripping into the sink. When I returned, he was getting dressed because she had dismissed him. We enjoyed an incredible **** session after he left. I have never felt closer to anyone in my life. We have met with him other times as well as other guys, of which I will later write. Hope you have enjoyed this. Much more to come.
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great story!! unique person!!