Had A Thing With A Lesbian Friend

she was in my dance crew and one day we went out parting and ended up playing spin the bottle and i wasnt playing but just sitting watching them play, so wen the bottle went on her she kept on insiting that they must dare her to kiss someone who is not playing and she would say that looking at me, so yeah finally they did and she wanted to kiss me so bad and yeah we kissed, so the party went on and everytime when i got o the bathroom she would wanna accompany me and when we get she would be all over me wanting to kiss me again but i stopped her thinking probeebly she,s too drunk to she that am not her gf, well around 4 we went bck to our place and i lost ma room key so i went to sleep at her place, she was starting to sober up by the time everyone left and she started confessing saying that she has feelings for me and all that, so i was like ok why not lets give it a try, but then i also started loving the way she made me feel ,being around her and all that, well when we were having she kinda though me everything so yeah it was ma first time with a girl and i loved it, i started falling inlove in a way that i would get jealouse when i see her with other girls but then at some point she had to go and she ended things between us, i was so hurt , and the ****** up part is from then i started having a thing for girls and know its just a once off thing , so yeah now i want a relationship with someone. to clear ma point on where i really stand when it comes to girls. coz i dont know wheather am bi/ what. yeah thats my story pll.1
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

I can totally relate...I was "turned out" by a woman too and after i slept with her and had the beginnings of some pretty strong feelings she just stopped talking to me...it hurt but at least now I know something else about myself...keep ya head up things will get better!