Am I Alone?

Im a young person,I am bisexual I like both sexes I have a boyfriend and I love him very much I thought I was straight before I met him but then I started to see men attractive as well as women. Apart from him and me plus one other kid I have no one my parents are gay but even they dont understand its also hard because the area I live in is completely anti gay and anti bi I dont know what to do I want to carry out being bi but I dont know if I should juat hide it as it would just be easier.
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i'm bicurious... not full out bi... and i know what you mean. i know this was all a while ago that you wrote this... but yeah.

i dont want to tell anyone. :/ yikes

I started liking boys when I was 11 and doing things with them but I am scared to let my family know it. and the people in my school are like way against it

Oh I had the same problem, now my parents know it's a huge weight off, however I still have the kids at school and the general area, thanks ti this it may be a good few years if ever when I can safely come out. -.-

'Carry out' lol

You cant just 'carry pit's being bi. Its who you are and you need to show the world that this is you! Be proud girl!

I'm a boy :l

well im a boy too but if a guy calls me girl because I like being with boys than whats wrong with it? actaully I always kind of wished I was a girl but anyway its not like a insult

It is when you get called the opposite gender, even if it was an accident, I may be for the most part gay, and yeah i'm fairly women-like thanks to that, but still calling me a women is just flat out offensive -.- (If it was intentional that is)

Go forward keeping your feelings in your heart Where they surface be sure before you explore them. You have a long life ahead and the pathway will wander now and then!But on the whole you will meet someone in your 20s who will become more then a friend,whatever the sex.

I'm sorry to see that the area you live in is very intolerant. The same thing goes on at my school. Everyone's extremely intolerant, I'm open about my sexuality. I get bullied all the time, but at least I can be proud of myself for having the nerve to be open about it. If I were you, I would just be open. Beware though, that if you have many intolerant people around you, it may be really difficult to ignore any critics you get at first.

Exactly, people where I live are beaten up and sometimes even murderd for their sexuality, im only 15 and wouldent stand a chance if I was attacked so I will cone out, though not quite yet.

It's best if you come out when you feel ready. Don't rush things! Take it slow. One step at the time.

Okay, I will, thank you :D

You're welcome. All I want is to help people. I've suffered enough myself.

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Type Gay/Bisexuality support groups in your browser.

I have but thats not the problem, the problem is I dont need support the people around me need to learn to be tolerant wow I like both men and women how very observant.