Am I the only one who doesn't see much of a difference between a man and woman mentally? Of course we're different by our anatomy, but in my opinion not every man and woman confirm comfortably to social norms dealing with gender roles. Sometimes I wonder what society would be like if there wasn't so much stress on normality towards sexuality. I also think sexuality is very fluid and depends solely on that person's interests.
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I have to agree with you because normalcy is relative. Normal depends on the person not on what society claims it is.

You perfectly got my point.

I agree, I think people are who they are. I believe we're all born with a certain inner personality/mind, that is then shaped by every experience and moment we have in life. Sexuality is just another part of the complex human, in some it's very prevalent, and in others it's not. The only mental difference between men and women is sex drive. Men are hard wired to reproduce, hence they are much more sexual. Other than that everything comes from society and environment. In some cultures men are taught to be dominant over women, which can vary on degree, and that causes a different mindset for everyone involved. It's all relative.

i think there are differences between a man & a women mentally, there are tendencies but i think alot of people assume too much. i think each sex has tendencies but i agree with u not every1 confirms comfortably, they differ. it's up to each person to figure out where they stand. i mostly don't try to think like a guy just a person though my gender is pretty important to my identity. u might say the same about sexual orientation but that's on a whole other level.

I honestly don't think there are much mental differences between a man and a woman. We're born into societies that influence and expose us to what we consider 'normal' behaviors define by gender over time. No one is born with gender roles and social norms. I'm not saying that gender isn't important. I just dislike being held down to some notions just because I'm biologically a woman. Like the whole notion of women being allowed to do certain things without being questioned unlike men and vice versa. I just feel as though accepting stereotypical gender roles and norms only adds to problems. I agree I like to think just as a human and I like to look and view people as humans. I also agree that of course all of this depends upon the person. The only reason why I have a problem with it is because of how people who aren't 'normal' are treated by those who fit the norm. Sexuality is very fluid. People can be at the polar opposites of the spectrum (Straight, gay), or in the middle (bi). They may even be attracted sexually to the same or opposite sex, but refer a relationship opposite of what they are sexually attracted too. Some people are asexual. Factor in transsexuals, transgenders, pansexuals...I just like to think of everybody as different and just adjusting to their own interests.

i think there are some tendencies with each sexe's brain, there are probably small but fundamental differences, but alot of people assume too much based on some1's sex. i agree we're human 1st i also agree sexuality is fluid.