I've finally come to terms with the fact that I am bisexual, but it is really hard to accept myself now that I can't deny it anymore. I've grown up in a Catholic household where my mom constantly says that she doesn't have a problem with a person who is gay or lesbian, but that she just doesn't agree with their lifestyle. I'm not Catholic, but the thought of how my family would react scares me. It's really hard trying to figure out how to let people know that this is who I am especially if they think that I am straight. I don't know who would accept this part of me. It hurts hiding a part of myself because I don't want to deal with people's negative, hateful, or ignorant comments. I know that I am attracted to women, but at the same time I don't know how I would date one because it just seems like another way to be rejected. However, I do want to date a women to see if my preference leans more toward men or women since I have never dated a women and have no experience in knowing whether or not I would be happier. It's just very confusing right now.
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of course u should date a women to see which 1 u prefer, or rather u should be open to a relationship with the right women. i'm kinda in the same way, although i'm not real sure how i feel about the same sex it's something i would like to explore with the right guy. but i can't really come out to nething i'm not even sure of. still it would be nice for me to know my family & friends could accept me liking guys too or even being able to talk to them & help me figure it out. i think for myself i need to experement with a guy to see how much i like it. maybe u should take small steps & not go to a full relationship. hopefully meet some1 of the same sex who went thru what ur going thru right now & understands or some1 who is going thru the same thing right now & both of u could learn evenly. i know it would be hard to come out but in ur case ur mom is already understanding to some extent so i don't think she's gonna disown u. if she really loves u her love will teach her to accept u as u are. if u wanna explore this with a women but u don't feel comfortable sharing this with ne1 right now that's ur right & ur business. as u progress with discovery u will just know what is the right time to do things. there will allways be haters but some people will just hate & not need a reason & we just gotta deal with it. focus on the love instead wherever it is :)

I do want to date a woman and if the right woman came a long then I would probably marry her. I'm more worried about my family accepting her, I think because I would care to an extent if my family didn't approve, but it wouldn't prevent me from being with someone that I care about.

I got two words for you 'embrace it'.

I'm the beginning it's always difficult but if you can't accept yourself as being a normal person with only a different sexual orientation you have no respect towards you, besides, if you talk what others tell you in consecration you'll be their puppet like the many of this society. Be proud of who you are because matter what you're beautiful.