Going Along Nicely

Things have just never seemed right. Constant family fighting, moving cross country, never ending battles, constant back stabbings, wanting it all to just go away and go numb. I've come to realize this stuff is never going to end, but it has been working to my advantage. It is making me a better person. How? It is just one obstacle after the next. Building me up stronger and smarter. But it all is starting to come together.

Recently I explored concepts in my mind I never thought to ever become reality. I went into that deep dark corner and explored. I found a lot out about myself. I found out I am stressing to much about my future. Although this isnt necessarily a bad thing. I need to just take it as it comes. Planning is nice, but it should flow. I even dug down to my fears. Quite scary it was, but I took the time and actually managed to break one. I felt so free. And am now working on more.

Also, I didnt think I could physically or mentally fall in love at my young age. But yet again I was wrong. I found I love someone who has been in my life for almost ten years and want to be with her forever.

Now I may have these few things figured out, but like The Davinci Code, I have much more to learn before I finally have it all figured out.
braindeadteen braindeadteen
18-21, M
Jul 28, 2010