Chasing You

Happiness! I'd rather have you instead of gold, I live for the day that you will come into my life to stay. I'm running after you now, and I probably always will. You're the one I want when i'm in the arms of sadness. How I wish I could catch you =(
endofseptember endofseptember
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Search happiness in you, You can't find happiness on others. I wish you happiness : )

You can't find happiness let it come to you, sounds crazy I know but when I stopped looking one day I realized I was happy! I used to cry at night and ask god to give me happiness that it was all I wanted was just to be happy, but you can't really ask for it, it takes time and searching for it won't help either! I promise you give it some time, everyones happy at some point in life!