Where Is Our Happiness ?

I believe that we are on earth and the earth doesn't provide 100% of happiness for us , many people spend too much time just searching for their happiness ,

what is the most Important for you to be happy ? is it the money ? is it a good partner ? is it family life ?..etc

in fact many reasons can provide happiness and make us feel pleased , but in the same time all of these reasons are the reasons of our sadness ... we look for the right person in every person we meet hopefully he or she will be the best and the Bus stop we will stop at it and never leave it , or the money which make us so worried everyday and spending too many hours at work , or the family that we do our best and to many sacrifices to provide a good life for our children and good education ... and we are race with time ... we can't stop for a moment to get our breath back , we are so nervous , we are in a war with our life ...

for me , life is not the heven , it is not easy and it will never be .. and what is so ridiculous is when i see people who makes each other life harder , the father who makes his childrens life like hell .. the women who make each other life harder (this is common in middle east , but i don't know about western ) , the men who think they are god and they are the one who gives people money (your BOSS at work) .. some children who make fun of one of their friends and make his her life like hell ...

the people who bully some of weak people like teens through internet ( as i have seen in some show that a woman with her daughter were bullying her daughter classmate through my space and they were acting like they were a boy from her school who think that she looks ugly , then the girl went to her mother and told her about that and she was crying , her mother didn't give that etention attention to her taughter .. her taughter went to her room and and then she commit suicide .. and she was only 13 years old and beautiful girl and as i have seen in the show that she was very nice person ...she decided our world because in short she couldn't stand all these ugly which were surround her ... i believe that beautiful people can't stand to stay in ugly places ..

what i see in middle east with all that mess , wars in many places and many of poor people ... all this tell me to not feel happy or jump happily in the air ... I am sorry for focausing on all ugliness in life ... because all what i can see now is the ugliness ...

I believe that the beauty and the happiness are holded by some people who look like Angels and living with us .. they are here to make us feel safe and happy .. they make hard stuff to be easy .. they can put a smile on your face and you will like like to see their smiling faces as well ... you will like their great sense of humor , and they have that amazing magic to make ugly stuff to be beautiful for you   ... no money and no certain places will make you feel happy .. you would be lucky if you have an Angel of these great Angels in your life , and you will be more lucky if this Angel was your husband or your wife .....

may all of you find your happiness and live your rest of your life with it

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4 Responses Sep 6, 2010

Wwat makes me nappy is my new gf she is very nice u wold like her

lol, typical Lu. Still great thought.

thank you my friend .. it is just random writing .. i even can't remember what i wrote because i was listening to music while i was writing :P

Somehow what u're saying is rite... About all the things which are supposed to make us happy, yet they make us sad even depressed. Great thought, Lu. Thank u for sharing this one.