I Believe That Mostly People Are So Rude...

I believe that mostly people are so rude…they hurt u badly….i really have very
Bad experience about people actually about friends….m in college, with rude
People. I don’t know y every one feel proud on it self…when we exactly know
That we r nothing.. we have no originality. Y they change with time…y they just
Can’t be same. I have friends…we can’t say them friends.. y we can’t? bcz they
Don’t deserve to be.. sometimes I think that may be m not good enough to have
Friends. People really enjoy while playing with others emotions, others feelings.
M 17, with these feelings that friends don’t exist.. they are cheating with me. I
Don’t need them anymore. Sometimes I feel like if I don’t belong to this world.
My friends, (nt friends)…says that m extremely boring person in this world. They
Say that I have social phobia. They are right. I hate people. I hate to be around
People. I hate gatherings. I really m boring. I hate noise… y I m like this.. I want
To stay away from people. Because m afraid…don’t know m afraid of what..
Life is going on…people are changing…and it badly hurts.. every one is fake..
I will leave them soon. I have decided that I will not become a part of this rude world.
I want pure life with pure people.. I don’t belong to this world…no matter what any one
Says about you..you should be what you actually are…
One of my High school friend said that “forget them who are left behind”… this line
Really hurted me badly.. well, m happy to be alone. I have friends whom I never
Amberch Amberch
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 7, 2011

thnx Dear..:)