Don't Try To Find Happiness, Build It.

I have found that you don't FIND happiness, you actually have to make it.
Get rid of things that block happiness and surround yourself with lots of good things.
Those things can be friends, hobbies, lifestyle, the way you occupy your time and mind and many other things.
Getting rid of things that trouble once and for all like debt and out-of-control bills.
I think HAPPY is the default emotion and things in our life make us deviate from that.
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I agree with all the comments and believe that true happiness is self made.If you cant change some of the things that make you unhappy, you must have the timidity to accept them and live with them.

Thats easier said then done... BUT I'm glad YOU found your happiness some how :]

I tried to agree but what u do when you cant get rid of the things<br />
That are not making you happy some times you just can't change the things<br />
That are in your life

When you build your life to be in a state of high security and isolation from many different factors that cause negative feelings and emotions, the one or two things that you just can't change will have a much smaller effect overall. Would you rather have everything going wrong when that one thing happens that you can't change or have everything else propping up your emotions when that one bad thing happens that you can't change?

I like your concept sir, i could write a theoretical on this. But i will spare you the read. In todays society i find personally as a college student, currently on a sabatical that its hard to find happiness underneath all the work. My job, my tuition the women who are afraid of real relationships. The fact that religion and morals dont exist anymore, thats alot of **** to dig through to find a little silver lineing but i still smile, when im excessively nervous.

Yes, I make myself sexually satisfied!

I like this story. But where do I start? I don't have friends and I don't know how to make them. I don't have talents. I am expendable in every way. Where do I start "making" happiness?

I host a website that will definitely help. The link is in my profile and I know the information there will drastically help.

your writing reads just like I feel. I know I have to be positive to make myself be a happier person to be around...but how? I don't feel like I truly fit in anywhere. When my family gets together it is always a big drinking thing and I don't feel "it" anymore. When I don't participate I am left out. I guess it is by my choice but it doesn't feel like it. My husband avoids me to hang out with his friend to drink which makes me sadder and it is a vicious circle. All it would take is a big hug and kind word. I shouldn't depend on someone else to make me happy but it would sure help.

110% agree with you:)

You are so right!<br /><br />

I couldn't agree more... but I have to admit that at times though, it's easier said than done :P

Happiness isn't something you can run down to Macy's and buy. It's a choice. A CHOICE. In all situations, and people seem to be looking everywhere but inside themselves for it.

True. I think what makes it easier for me is that I try to live right in the moment; and if the moment's a difficult one, I remind myself that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I give thanks for the situation; surrender it; pray for guidance to make the right choices; and accept that there's something to be learned/experienced/endured from every situation. It took me a very long time to get there; I focused on all that was wrong instead of what was right in my life. I think life gets easier as we get older. We gain the life experience to learn our true endurance; to learn that the worst case scenario doesn't always come to pass. I've learned that we manifest our predominant thoughts, so I don't entertain negativity. But back to the original post, people seem to live in an "if only" world. If only I had blank, I'd be happy. When I can get that new guy/car/job/thing, I'll be happy. I look forward to the future, sure, but I try to live right now.

Thanks, just what i needed to here.