I Know It's There

Am sure its out there somewhere, am sure am gona get there someday. I've been missing on real happiness for the last few years now, a true happiness; where you can just sit back and relax, just sit and enjoy your life, your accomplishments, your health, your friends and just live a calm and peaceful life. I know I had a lot of these happy moments, but it either don't last more than a day or its not complete; there has been always something on my mind that I want to do, change or make better.

I know it's life, but when I look back on mine, it seems as if its just a dream or back flashes, that went by sooo fast. Maybe because am always trying to focus on my goals ahead and moving forward that I forgot to enjoy the lovely and happy moments that I had.

I know am on the right track and doing my best, but it's taking so long and it's getting harder and harder, especially that there is no one beside me that I can call a soule mate or real friend close by.

I wish I could just get on with this next step successfully, I know there will always be something, but not like this, it will be different.

I guess it's just as some people say "True happiness finds you, but you cant make it, just do your best and be positve and good things will happen".
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May 11, 2012